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Lazy Kitchen: Veggie Salad

Lazy kitchen: Cooking that has no precise ingredients or quantities.  It might not look super attractive, but usually tastes pretty amazing!

The garden has been producing lots of random vegetables, and sometimes it’s hard to know how to use them.  So, veggie salad was created.  Today I had a cucumber, radishes, hot port peppers, and red peppers.  Here’s the recipe, and why it qualifies for lazy kitchen:

  1. Chop up vegetables.
  2. Add greek yogurt, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and/or anything else that would taste good.
  3. Yum!

Looks not too attractive, but tastes so good, and uses up whatever random veggies have grown.  I did not use the kohlrabi that have grown to the size of my head overnight, but I think they are aliens – to be dealt with later.

wpid-wp-1439670023540.jpegwpid-img_20150815_162124.jpgHappy summer!


The Human Meat

I have been a vegetarian from a young age.  As a result, I know almost nothing about types of meat, meat-cooking, meat-tasting, or any meat-related subjects.  So, this article kind of fascinated me – in the same way my 9-year old self loved the scene in Jurassic Park where the scientist says with relief, “Oh, Dr. Arnold, thank goodness it’s you” and pulls out a disembodied arm.

We’re all made out of meat…