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Adiós to another year

Another school/church year is winding down.  It was memorable, crazy, exhausting, exciting.

Late night practice & Early morning practice

wpid-img_20140512_064258.jpg wpid-img_20140512_062923.jpg

Late night drives & Early morning drives

wpid-img_20140512_062700.jpg wpid-img_20140512_062401.jpg

Early morning rehearsals & services

wpid-img_20140512_064936.jpg wpid-img_36704123615080.jpeg

Late night meetings & school papers

wpid-img_20140512_060906.jpg wpid-img_20140512_065500.jpg wpid-img_20140512_061421.jpg

A little bit of lovely late night family time in between


It was a good, crazy, busy year, but it’s time for summer!