This Week

Having this blog sometimes makes me realize how quickly time passes.  It reminds me that a whole week has gone by and I haven’t posted anything.  So here’s a review of life lately:

This week I did something very scary: I googled getting married on the computer.  It was pretty overwhelming, but I did come out of the experience with a checklist…  I hate that it says “ultimate wedding” checklist because neither Dave nor I want to have an “ultimate wedding.”   However, we do want to have a nice wedding.  We want to get married in a church and host a party with our friends and family, and we have to start somewhere since neither of us has much experience with planning anything.


Besides that most of this week was taken up with a very happy Mardi Gras and a very good Ash Wednesday.  This year for Lent I am working out every day – with all the driving in my schedule, my body feels like it is disintegrating.  Wish me luck!



Sunday Pics

A couple of pics to commemorate what went on in my life this week:

practice practice

Lots and lots of practicing.  Some beautiful music in my life right now, and sometimes it’s good for me to remind myself that even though my schedule is a lot of work, I am so lucky to have so much beautiful sound around me all day.

dave and video game

David got to play a computer game on Saturday – he was so excited!

albert writes paper

Ah, paper writing.  Luckily I have Albert to help me get through my reading – he’s so smart.

shere on heater
And Shere mostly lounged over the heating vents this week – she hates the cold!  She hates the heat as well, she’s a very particular cat.

So there went another week.

Surviving Winter

Since winter shows no signs of stopping this:

snowy window

I think I should take this opportunity to say thank you one of my best buddies this winter – my gigantic winter coat.

One Christmas, an anonymous family friend gave me a very nice sweater.  It was a muddy white color, with a huge turtleneck, and it was sooo itchy!  I felt like I was wearing a straightjacket.  The sweater still had tags on it.  I took it back to the store and for $20 extra I got this fantastic winter coat.

Possible downsides of this coat are that I very accurately call it the body bag.  I have also been mistaken for a homeless person several times this past week while wearing it (once my church accountant refused to let me in the building).  Friends don’t always acknowledge me in the school hallways.

On the positive side, I have never felt cold while wearing this coat.  It has been through blizzard conditions in Cleveland and Buffalo and Michigan.  Also, it is like a built-in sleeping bag, so I can sleep in the car while Dave drives us to work.  If I wear it in the office, my desk chair is suddenly transformed from lumpy uncomfortable furniture into deluxe lounge chair made of black rabbit down.
So even though I can never tell them, every winter I am grateful for that ugly Christmas sweater that turned into the best coat ever.

coat hat coat snow day (1)