Just a little sap

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This week I was shopping for a Valentine’s Day card.  I was a little grumpy, since the row of shiny red hearts and cheesy romantic jokes can be overwhelming.  I had to hike through slushy dirty snow to get to the store.  Also an annoying man with spiky hair and a bluetooth was having a loud business conversation while blocking many of the cards.  Also, why are cards so expensive?

Then I watched an elderly couple trying to secretly pick out cards for each other.  From the end of the aisle, the man calls, “Marge, are you almost done?”  A few minutes later, he says, “Marge, don’t come too close, you’ll see my card!”  They checked out separately.  The old man went to get the car, while the old woman waited at the door.  I am sure they had a very sweet Valentine’s day together.

I remember how much fun Valentines used to be in elementary school.  I would get so excited to shop for a Valentine and write my friends’ names on them.  It used to be a big decision, and so much fun to end the day with piles of Scooby Doo, Disney princesses, and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles from my friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and did something nice with the people you love.


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The Human Meat

I have been a vegetarian from a young age.  As a result, I know almost nothing about types of meat, meat-cooking, meat-tasting, or any meat-related subjects.  So, this article kind of fascinated me – in the same way my 9-year old self loved the scene in Jurassic Park where the scientist says with relief, “Oh, Dr. Arnold, thank goodness it’s you” and pulls out a disembodied arm.

We’re all made out of meat…