Missing the Polar Vortex

After all this rain, I am kind of missing the polar vortex. Just a few days ago, the street outside my house looked like a giant white river.  In Batavia, the power was out for one day, including McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC. This led to crazed parents with hungry children driving minivans into snow banks in search of alternate fast food.  I saw an anxious child licking the wall while waiting in the long line at Tim Hortons, the only fast food with power.  

What level of science fiction craziness would have ensued if the weather hadn’t changed?  Could I ski to the grocery store, get snow shoes, find food?  

Today the snow has all melted, the traffic outside is loud, and I’m heading back to school for another semester.  But I’m really missing my snow day, when everything outside was white and fluffy and quiet.  Wish me luck out there today!



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